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M seeks F - Buen hombre busca buena mujer para nuevo comienzo (Ecuador)

Hi, I hope you can translate this into Spanish if needed as I'm learning Spanish now.

Hola, espero que puedas traducir esto al español si es necesario ya que estoy aprendiendo español ahora.

I seek an attractive, intelligent, family oriented & spiritual woman who can become a best friend, partner & future wife. I'm serious about finding a lady with a good heart & soul so we can share a wonderful life together.

I know it's foolish to try finding someone here, but I believe we'll find each other if it's meant to be. If not I can always post a profile at some dating site in a few weeks to pay so I can view both real & fake profiles. There are a few reasons I'm trying this. First, I think it'd be a good, “how we met story” if we met on CL! I also live remotely in the hills of N. California 30 minutes from the nearest city. When my 18 year old son enters the U.S. Navy soon I'll be free to move & start-over anywhere I want. I'm writing a book & can do it where I live. If you're a real woman reading & you're interested in a future with me (know a nice lady?) then please show me you're "real".
I'll get messages from sick people playing games so please write a “real” message & send a few photos to help me know. I'll write & send photos back too. If you want to talk or make a video call send your cell or WhatsApp #. Let me know when it's ok to contact you & I will honor your wishes. I assure you I'm a good person & if we talk or meet only to learn we're not meant to be a couple then that's okay too. I'm seeking a relationship with only "1" woman. I've written much about myself purposely so the lady I seek will hopefully see enough to write back.

About me: I just turned 60 in October, but I look, act & feel younger than my ID card says. I don't smoke or drink alcohol, I'm very clean-cut, I have good teeth (cleaned twice a year), I do yoga & take vitamins. I mostly eat healthy, but I do like steak, pizza, tacos & other naughty food sometimes. I was a pro golfer years ago so my body has been athletic & strong most of my life. I'm 5' 7”, 150 lbs with disappearing blond hair, blue eyes, I smell good & my skin is youthful. I'm faithful, honest, romantic, charming, trustworthy & sincere. I believe in love, honor, marriage, doing what's right, being fair with others & I try to have good intentions in my heart. I like to laugh, smile & have fun too! I don't like to see people get hurt, I like helping people & solving problems. I'm a decent looking guy who hopes some nice looking lady will think I'm good-looking enough to her. Popularity contests don't interest me. I have fun doing many things but I probably enjoy singing the most (I was lead singer in local rock band, 70/80/90's music). I'm financially secure, intelligent, a good cook & house cleaner, I do laundry & I can build, fix or do most anything needing to be done around a home or apartment better than many contractor's. I have house plants now & I like having a garden as well as fruit trees if possible. I'm a native Californian who likes to share everything with the woman I love. I've been to South America (Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay) over 20 times & I like to fly or drive (road trips!) to see beautiful or historic places both near & far.

I'm learning Spanish now (estoy aprendiendo español ahora) & my level is: “intermediate”. I study almost daily so I'm confident it'll keep getting better.

My Beliefs: I'm more spiritual than religious but I believe in God, “judgment” & more. I believe most in older religions such as Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Hinduism & others but we can talk more about this later.

About You: I seek a woman who wants to be with a man like me & who feels we'd be good partners to each other. I'm open-minded to age & race as souls come from the same place. Our Spirit World Soul Age is older than our Earth Body Age as well so your beliefs are more important than age. I was 17 years older than my ex-wife, but in some ways she was older. We were together for 9 good years & we met in Ecuador. Our sex life was great (just so you know) & the divorce was sad, but it was, “right”. I'll explain more when appropriate, but age or race don't matter. We need physical attraction, chemistry & more to live happily-ever-after, but who you are inside matters most. I'm a regular family-type-man seeking a regular family-type-woman. My childhood wasn't that great, but I survived it & other heartbreaks, set-backs or problems in life to become experienced in these & feel I'm ready to meet my match if she's out there. I haven't had a perfect life so I am not looking for a perfect woman. I want a woman who's perfect for me. If you get what I'm saying we might be good for each other. I'm divorced, but I was awarded 100% custody of my 2 sons in 1995 when it was rare for judge to award custody of children to men. Do judges award custody to bad people? No! This should tell you a lot about me but if you get to meet my 18 year old son during a future video call you'll know the type of father (man) I am. Children are reflections of their parents.
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