Relatively small in size, Ecuador, and specially the amazon region is a world-renowed biodiversity hotspot!
The richness of Ecuadors natural resources is unparalleled.

I am a swiss citizen, living since 10 years with my family in the ecuatorian beach tourist town Montanita, running 2 Hostels and working also as a contractor.

I am now developing a 34 hectar Rainforest area of my property, in the semi-protected SUMACO nationalpark area, in the Orellana district, amazon.
A low impact tourism project, self sufficient and regenerative, a sanctuary for both Animals and the jungle.

In the region is a lot of illegal hunting, which was another factor made me realize the project in this area, a place where I really can make a difference in protection and regeneration.
Parallel to the tourism there will be a volunteer program, generating money to buy the neighbour rainforest properties, to enlarge the protection zone.

My vision is to find a partner giving the same importance to protection, making a good business and to create a peaceful paradise to live!
And of course I would like to offer our accommodation and adventures to people of similar values.

The property is on a perfect strategic location on the way to Yasuni national Park. Ideal to build bungalows direct inside the rainforest with its animals and great landscape.

The ecuadorian amazon, and specially the SUMACO region is a very save part. There is just a very low crime rate, much less then all the other countrys having part of the amazon region, like Colombia, Brasil, Venezuela and Peru.
Those facts made the Ecuador amazon as a perfect place for me to buy this property and develop this unique project!

Two big rivers are crossing the jungle and several small ones. All of them with pure cristalline drinking water! There are no contamination sources, as the big rivers are coming from the protected heights of the SUMACO volcano.
The property is shared in two parts. A productive one of around 4 hectars which will produce fruits, vegetables, animals ( a Tilapia fish-farming natural pool, chicken, horses, goats ) for a almost complete food independence. There is already a volunteer bungalow built and several kind of crop is growing (Sugar cane, maniok, jams, papaya, bananas, etc etc etc ).

The second part is pure wilderness, ideal to build the bungalows with a center place, all conected with paths through the jungle. (check the sketch)
There is an electricity connection and phone signal available.
The tourist installations are around 10 minutes away from the access road.

There is a wire bridge connection over the Chacayacu river to cross it confortable.

On one extreme of the property, at the huataraco river is a cliff with an amazing view to the amazon area. The "meseta" falls down from around 120 meters. Ideal for diferent extreme sport activities like cliff climbing, river rafting, hiking through the jungle and animal watching.
And a great advantage; all that on our own property! No jungle walking on public mass tourism path like most of tourism businesses do!

I am looking for an 50% partner who invests 140 000.- in the project, for building the infrastructure, the first rental cabins, social area bungalow, employee cabins, hanging bridges, in fact everything make the project function.
My part is the whole property, with everything in there already ( a volunteer cabin, cable connections, paths, self sufficency part is done already, the project development, construction management etc.)

If you want to manage the business yourself, it would be an option. If not we employ a manager.

Get advantage of my 10 years tourism business and construction experiences in Ecuador.

I am sure you still got a lot of questions. So if you seriously consider to do this step to start a new life, or just to do a profitable investment; go ahead and ask!
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