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$45,000 / 44999m2 - Live Off The Grid In Paradise! (Olon, Santa Elena, Ecuador)



estacionamiento fuera de la calle
información de licencia: 260-G
sin lavandería en el lugar

This is a unique property in its proximity to charming communities in coastal Ecuador, while still being sufficiently secluded from the outside world. These 4.5 hectares (over 11 acres) are located in a mature forest, a 20 minute drive from the Ruta Del Sol coastal highway. Here, you will be surrounded by cedar, laurel, cubano, amarillo, guayacan, ueno, tagua, and a myriad of coffee and chocolate crops. You may feel as though you have found your very own Garden of Eden, when you reach this property. The cabin is perched at the highest point of the estate, providing awesome views of the mountains, the valley...and even a peek at the ocean, too! There is an abundance of fruit trees, including banana, papaya, cherry, avocado, orange, mandarin, and grapefruit, around the cabin and further into the property, as well. You might not have expected the crop of 500 pineapple plants that will mature in the next few months! An automatic drip system has already recently been installed for the pineapple, chocolate and coffee crops. Additionally, there are two 2,500-litre cisterns, providing an abundance of water. If you add a system for solar power, this paradise will be a sustainable, green – and enchanting – off-grid paradise. If that is your dream, then this is your chance to make it come true!
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