$55000 / 2br - 49m2 - Make Your Dreams Come True in Punta Blanca (Punta Blanca, Santa Elena, Ecuador)


2BR / 1Ba 49m2

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If you've always dreamed of living just a few steps from the beach, well...you're not alone. But, unlike a lot of other people, you have a chance to actually turn that dream into a reality!

Travel north of Salinas on the coastal highway, and you can feel the adrenaline subsiding as the shopping, nightclubs and tourist center become smaller in the rear-view mirror. You realize that the only thing between you and the vast Pacific are fishing boats, with their nets alongside, resting on the beach, and the occasional bamboo thatched hut offering local cuisine prepared from the catch fresh off those boats! A flock of pelicans skim above the surf in search of their own "mariscos," and if you follow their flight, you may find yourself at beautiful Punta Blanca. This small community boasts several small, secluded coves, as well as a nearby yacht club/marina. Close to a beautiful out-of-the-way cove, you find the site of the Ocean Sun Apartments y Suites project, where you can purchase a two-bedroom, one-bathroom, condo at pre-construction prices ranging from $55,000 to $58,000. Plans for this building complex include a reception area, cafeteria, kitchen/restaurant, swimming pool, kiddie pool, poolside bar and lounge area, parking and bodegas. Oh, yes, your dream is well within reach!
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