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0BR / 9+Ba 150m2 disponible feb 26

lavandería en el lugar

This property with a prime location in the Ecuadorian Coast, is in front the famous Isla Salango, inhabited for sea lions, blue foot-boobies, pelicans and an amazing marine fauna.

This property has the singularity of being an important nesting site of lots of animals you won't see in an urban area. Is also the region that the humback whales use to mate and to give birth.

Is covered by nature and wildlife, and for been a private property in the top of a hill is a peaceful area with a private viewpoint right in front the island, exclusive for the owner.

Is located at the km 669 of the spondylus rout, specifically 11 km south of Puerto López town.

This region has average maximum temperatures and minimum of 30 and 19 degrees celcius respectively, with an average temperature of 24 degrees celcius.

The hill has not other inhabitants.

The property has 8.66 Ha. (21.4 acres).
6.45 ha. up in the mountain in front Salango Island with a private access to the beach of Salango, and
2.21 ha. down by the beach, in Piqueros beach.

The area at the mountain counts with hotel or vacation rental construction, as:
-5 bungalows for up to 7 person,
-restaurant right in front the island,
-private viewpoint with bbq,
-workshop and machinery,
-Main house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 terraces, Bbq.
-3 houses with 1-2 bedrooms close to the entrance of the property, use to rental or caretakers, keeper.
-Storage various,
-Rooms of pumper and generator,
-Own water system with 5 cisterns, there is a direct connection to the municipal water system as well.
-3 platforms available and ready to build,
-roads with its own concrete ditches.

Is a private property with stone fences and gates.
The field of Piqueros beach is 2.2 ha. and is divided in lots with different sizes and already has water facilities, and a road, ready to build.
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